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Sterimixer Impeller Options

Sterimixer Features
  • Effective mixing
  • Mixing to the Last Drop
  • CIP/SIP Design
  • Removable drive-units
  • Bottom Mounted
  • Prevents sedimentation
  • Interchangeable Impellers
  • Low shear Design
  • Autoclavable
  • Variable Speed
  • High Performance
  • Reduces foaming
  • For vessels from 5 liters – 30.000 liters
  • Fully CIP/SIP Clean In Place / Steam In Place.
  • Full containment
  • No Need for Baffles
Sterimixer Impeller Options

The SMA model features a patented flow channel design. During cleaning, the flow channels force cleaning fluid through the bearing area, providing very effective and repeatable cleaning results. SMA generates very low shear forces, which makes it ideal for applications with shear sensitive products, such as mammalian cell cultures.

SMO is an open design that exposes all surfaces to the cleaning solution just by means of directing flow from a spray ball to the impeller head. It is not necessary to submerge it during cleaning.




The SMMS design provides higher shear forces for applications where incorporation of light or hydrophobic powders is needed.  The impeller is also an open design that does not require to be submerged during cleaning.