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Specialized Mixers

L5 Sealed unit laboratory mixer

Designed for research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, the L5 Sealed Unit allows sterile or highly infected tissues to be handled under conditions of absolute safety.

The Sealed Unit features a Quick-Release mechanism permitting use with a wide range of mixing assemblies.

Mixing vessels

Glass vessels with capacities from 7ml up to 1 liter are available. Stainless steel vessels are available with volumes from 1 – 10 liters.

Operation under vacuum

Special sealed mixing assemblies are available for operation under vacuum.

Model L2/Air (Compressed air)

Suitable for use in Explosion Hazard areas. The L2/Air is powered by a 0.25 hp, 6000 rpm variable speed air motor. The L2/Air will accept all L5 Series mixing assemblies. Supplied with a manually operated
adjustable bench stand.