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Mixing Assemblies

Duplex Assembly

The Duplex comprises two workheads facing in opposite directions. The upper head pulls materials down from the surface of the mix, and provides a coarse disintegrating action, while the lower head draws
material up from the base of the mixing container, further reducing particle size to accelerate solubilization or suspension. This combined use of two workheads makes the Duplex ideal for high viscosity mixes and applications where light or buoyant material (powders, rubbers and polymers, etc.) needs to be drawn down from the surface of a mix and rapidly dispersed.

Typical applications

  • Rapid solution of rubbers and polymers for the production of luboils, adhesives and asphalt compounds
  • Disintegration and dissolving solid resin for varnishes
  • Vegetable and meat purée/slurries

Tubular Mixing Assemblies

A series of interchangeable tubular mixing units suitable for use in narrow-necked containers is available, with capacities from 1 – 500ml.

1” tubular

Capacity, depending on viscosity, 50ml up to 500ml.

3/4” tubular

Capacity, depending on viscosity, 20ml up to 250ml.

5/8” micro

Capacity, depending on viscosity, 5ml up to 50ml.

3/8” mini-micro

Capacity, depending on viscosity, 1ml up to 10ml.


The Silverson Ultramix is designed for applications which are beyond the capabilities of a conventional agitator or stirrer but do not necessarily require the intense high shear of a Silverson rotor/stator mixe