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— Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

Materials of construction

All wetted parts in 316L stainless steel. Special materials on request.

Bushing material

The bushing will normally be bronze alloy or reinforced PTFE depending on the application.


TEFC, washdown duty and explosion proof motors are available as standard. Inverter rated, stainless steel and other motors are available as optional extras.


Models BX up to GX can be mounted on mobile hydraulic floor stands. Alternatively they can be supplied with either a rectangular or circular flange for mounting on the vessel. Tri-clamp mounting is also available. Larger machines (Model 700X and above) require
vessel mounting.


All Silverson Batch mixers are designed for operation in open vessels.  Single and double mechanical shaft sealing for operation under vacuum and/or positive pressure is available for most machines.


The machines are in most cases self-cleaning, a short run between successive operations in water, detergent or an appropriate solvent being all that is necessary. For more thorough cleaning, dismantling is easy and downtime minima