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— Large Range – Models 700X to MX

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Large Range – Models 700X to MX

Silverson is the world leader in the specialized design and manufacture of large scale rotor/stator mixers with a capacity of up to 8,000
gallons. All these machines are individually built to order and constructed specifically to suit each customer’s requirements.

The large  scale mixers possess all the qualities and flexibility of Silverson’s medium range models and include a number of additional and unique features.

Each mixer is designed and built to the highest possible engineering standards. From the specially balanced motors to the fitting of precision ground shafts, which are finish turned in-house to ensure critical vibration free running, no aspect of manufacture escapes our
rigorous inspection.These machines are designed to be maintained and serviced in place wherever possible. Quick release shaft couplings, split two-part  downthrust propeller and hard-surfaced sacrificial shaft journal sleeves are just a few of the features designed to keep maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

Silverson prides itself on a technical staff that caters to the precise needs of each customer.