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Tubing performance and selection

Watson-Marlow is the only peristaltic pump manufacturer to have its own tubing extrusion plant, giving a short supply chain and total quality.   The characteristics of the pump, including suction lift, pressure, life, flow rate and efficiency are all largely determined by the tubing.  The results of using tubing from other suppliers are unpredictable. if you have any question about tube performance or the selection of tubing for a new application, we will always be pleased to give you the best possible advice.

  • For maximum tube life: Use a large-bore tube at low speed
  • For maximum flow rate: Use the largest tube at maximum speed
  • For maximum accuracy: Use a small bore tube at high speed

The best way to select a tube is to decide which materials are chemically suitable, and best meet the physical demands of your application.

Chemical Compatibility Guide

It is the users responsibility to ensure chemical compatibility within their application but this guide can be a helpful tool.  Select a chemical and a rating (see rating scale below) will be given for each material.

Rating Scale

  • A = Little to minor effect. Tubing: 0-5% volume swell
  • B = Moderate effect. Tubing: 5% – 10% volume swell
  • C = Severe effect. Tubing: 10% or greater volume swell
  • – No data available