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Sterimixer® The Original Magnetic Coupled Mixer for Pharmaceuticals

The Sterimixer may be the most widely used magnetically coupled mixer for bio-pharmaceutical applications world-wide.  It consists of the following major components: impeller, bearing, weld-plate, drive unit and control box.  All wetted parts of the impeller and the weld-plate are made of AISI 316 L (EN 1.4404).  Interchangeable impeller designs are available.


Sanimixer – Magnetic coupled mixer for Food and Cosmetics

The Sanimixer magnetic coupled mixer is the cost-effective alternative for highly demanding food, beverage, dairy, cosmetic and high purity chemical applications. It guarantees that your product will not get out (containment) and contaminants will not get in (isolation). The Sanimixer has all of the features and benefits of the Sterimixer, which has proven itself in pharmaceutical applications for over 30 years and in thousands of installations worldwide. The Sanimixer is manufactured specifically to address the requirements of sanitary industries that are not as stringent as the pharmaceutical industry. It is available in sizes up to 30 000 L (8 000 US gal) general mixing, or 40 000 (10 500 US gal) gentle mixing.