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Sulzer has been pioneering the static mixing business for more than 35 years. Today, you can benefit from their globally active organization and worldwide service.

What is static mixing?

Static mixers are tubular internals that produce desired mixing and dispersion effects as the fluid flows around motionless mixer parts. The fluid flow is provided by pumping. With Sulzer’s static mixers you can produce small volumes with an excellent mixing reliability. They can be easily installed, cleaned and maintained.

Benefit from Sulzer’s long-lasting experience and broad application know-how. Sulzer is your reliable and experienced partner for high-viscous mixing and dispersing, gas liquid contacting, scrubbing or turbulent mixing applications.

Product Line

The Sulzer CompaX™ – High mixing efficiencies at short mixing and installation length

The Sulzer CompaX™ static mixer is the most efficient and most economic choice for admixing additives in the turbulent flow regime at highest flow ratios. Thanks to its low pressure drop, it significantly saves pump energy and thanks to its high efficiency, it massively improves the consumption of additives therefore offering both economic and ecological benefits.

KVM™ – Efficient mixing for turbulent flows

The Sulzer static mixers type KVM are ideal for liquid-liquid mixing in the turbulent flow regime. These mixers can also be used for mixing gases.

SMV™ – Mix efficiently with low energy consumption

The Sulzer SMV static mixer is ideal for applications that require a distributive and homogeneous mixing and blending action in the turbulent flow regime.

SMX™ – A revolution for laminar flow

The SMX™ plus static mixer is the reference for homogenization and dispersing tasks in laminar flow. Even challenging mixing applications such as dosing a small amount of low- viscous additive into a high-viscous main stream can be performed very efficiently.