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Mokon has set the standard for high quality circulating liquid temperature control systems since 1955. The company’s corporate engineers responsible for the manufacture of a line of proprietary plastic closures used worldwide, originally developed a temperature control system to meet their own exacting need for a compact, safe, and efficient means of maintaining close control over their fast-cycle injection molding machines – hence Mokon was born.

Mokon’s product line has grown significantly since it first introduced a water temperature control system in 1955 to include heat transfer oil systems, portable and central chillers, pump tanks, cooling towers, blown film coolers, cold climate coolers, engineered and pre-engineered control panels, maintenance products, and custom designed/engineered systems.

Mokon 60

For over 60 years, through the development of new products, refinement of existing designs, and our ability to create custom engineered solutions, Mokon has consistently demonstrated its ability to foresee the evolving needs of customers in plastics, die casting, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, rubber, printing, converting, and many other industries.

Mokon’s team of engineering, sales and service professionals are dedicated to supplying the highest quality and safest products in the industry. Mokon – a value driven manufacturer that delivers practical engineering solutions with superior customer focus and support. Designed to Perform. Built to Last.

Water Systems – Mokon’s line of compact water systems provide accurate and reliable temperature control for process heating requirements up to 380°F (193°C) up to 96 kW with flow rates from 10 to 120 GPM.

Heat Transfer Oil Systems – Mokon’s unique design of circulating oil temperature control systems meet process heating requirements up to 700°F (371°C). Heating capacities up to 600 kW; flow rates of 5 to 120 GPM, and multiple zone configurations.

Portable Chiller Systems – Mokon’s energy-efficient portable chiller systems offer process cooling down to -20°F (-29°C). Chiller systems are available in air-cooled or water-cooled condensing and up to 60 Ton cooling capacities.

Centralized Cooling Systems – Mokon offers both indoor and outdoor centralized cooling solutions including central chiller systems, pump tank systems, outdoor air-cooled chillers, outdoor central chillers, cooling towers and cold climate coolers.


Blown Film Coolers – Mokon’s blown film coolers provide uniform cooling of leaving air temperatures from 600 to 9,000 CFM. Coolers are available with powder coated heavy gauge steel cabinets and adjustable bolt-on-legs.

Engineered Systems & Panels – Engineered packaged heating and /or cooling systems up to 700°F (371°C) and power and process control panels designed and built to customer specifications.


Maintenance Products – Heat transfer fluid filtration systems improve efficiencies and remove small particles; descale systems remove rust and scale from processes; negative pressure systems stop leaks in molds without stopping production.

Fluids – Variety of fluids available from heat transfer oil and cleaners, to glycol solutions and descaling fluid