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Today, joined together as one robust organization, EnSight offers customers more than 100 years of combined experience in the food processing industry. They are building world-class food processing and material handling equipment every day. And they never stop engineering smart, creative solutions for their customers.



The EnSight team is passionate about working closely with each customer. They are committed to finding the most creative solutions to meet each clients’ particular food industry equipment needs.


To always be the trusted partner that the global food manufacturing industry turns to for expertise and resourcefulness in developing creative solutions for the most challenging and unique equipment needs.

Four outstanding custom food processing equipment manufacturers (A-One Manufacturing™, Bridge Machine™, Likwifier™ and Bematek Systems™) make up one bigger, stronger company: EnSight Solutions.

As one consolidated custom food processing equipment manufacturing organization, it’s now easier than ever for EnSight Solutions to meet their customer’s material handling, further processing, high-shear blending, or automation and robotics needs.

A-One Manufacturing

A-One Manufacturing a source for reliable food processing solutions. Meeting evolving needs with a commitment to innovation and quality, A-One provides trusted technology using the highest quality materials. From automation and robotics integration to customized, stainless-steel material handling equipment, A-One delivers. The team is dedicated to supporting each client’s unique application. With a focus on efficiency, durability, and sanitary design, they engineer equipment that will streamline your workflow and minimize downtime.

All of their products can be integrated into automated systems, with or without robotics. A-One offerings include column dumpers, conveyors, blenders, loaders, hoppers, work platforms, ergonomic equipment, and custom production equipment. Our creative, custom solutions fit seamlessly into facilities in the meat, poultry, baking, dairy, seafood, and pet food industries. To ensure efficiency and long-term profitability, they collaborate with their customers to ensure A-One products fit the customer’s unique needs. They will help maximize the return on  investment with creative customization options and high-quality construction.

With an eye to the future and over 50 years serving the food industry, the legacy of A-One Manufacturing is built on each customer’s success.

Bridge Machine Company

Are you looking for a trusted manufacturing partner that can boost your efficiency, minimize downtime, and implement cost-effective solutions for your food processing operations? Bridge Machine Company is the ultimate collaborator. Committed to providing precision, high-quality design, and flexibility to integrate your equipment with the latest technology while specializing in the formation, shaping, positioning, and portioning of your product, Bridge Machine Company delivers custom-designed, sanitary equipment as well as robotics and automated solutions.

Whether you’re in the meat, dairy, baking, or beverage industry, you can rely on Bridge Machine Company for innovative, efficient solutions. Their products include dumpers, conveyors, formers, tenderizers, flatteners, slitters, and other production equipment. Using creativity and expertise, we design dependable equipment for a variety of unique facilities. With our help, you can yield greater long-term profitability and boost the return on your investment.

With over 60 years of service in the food processing industry, Bridge’s legacy is built on engineering creative solutions that never sacrifice quality, safety, or reliability..


The Likwifier division is the industry leader in bottom drive high shear blending and is designed to dissolve solids or semi-solids where time, temperature and complete hydration are important. For over 50 years, Likwifiers have been used to manufacture ice cream mixes, candies, reconstituted products, canned condiments, sauces, salad dressing, fillings and many other similar items. The following products can be processed at high concentrations and in a few minutes: stabilizing gums, emulsifiers, flours, cocoas, yeast, powdered eggs, starches, condiments, caseinates, juice concentrates, food purees, whey solids, frozen products and cheese slurries. They are committed to helping customer’s find the best solution. Rentals and testing services are available.


Leading Innovation in Homogenizing, Emulsifying, and Dispersing

Now a part of EnSight Solutions and continuing to serve the industry as a leading innovator, Bematek offers more than a half-century of experience in high-shear, inline mixer, and colloid mill design. Inspiring process industry innovation and delivering solutions to meet the increasingly complex manufacturing demands of advanced industrial and consumer products is why EnSight and Bematek joined together. They help you simplify scale-up, improve efficiencies and provide confidence in quality by specializing in solids-in-liquid dispersions and liquid-in-liquid emulsions as well as deagglomerating, blending, and homogenizing.

Needing a total high-shear solution? Bematek integrates extremely well with industry leading Likwifier to provide unique process improvements.