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How to Mix Guar Gum Video

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How to Disperse Guar Gum using a Silverson Mixer

Guar Gum (E412) is readily soluble in cold water, forming a high viscosity solution at low concentrations which increases in viscosity as temperature rises.

It is widely used for its gelling, thickening and stabilizing effect on emulsions and suspensions and often blended with other rheology modifiers, particularly Xanthan gum as the two combine to give greatly increased effects.

 Guar Gum has up to 8 times the thickening power of starch and can form high viscosity solutions at low concentrations.  It is often blended with other rheology modifiers, in particular Xanthan Gum as the two combine to greatly increased effects.

If you’re using a conventional agitator the powder must be added carefully at a controlled rate to reduce the formation of agglomerates – but it becomes increasingly difficult to incorporate the powder as viscosity increases. 

Some formulations contain unnecessarily high levels of gum to compensate for poor yield due to filtering out of agglomerates.

Silverson high shear mixers can produce an agglomerate-free dispersion in a fraction of the time taken by conventional agitators. With all Silverson mixers, maximized yield can allow products to be reformulated with reduced gum content, cutting raw material costs and process times.

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How to Mix Xanthan Gum – Xanthan gum is widely used as a thickening and stabilizing agent in products across the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries. Dispersing Xanthan Gum effectively is one of the hardest mixing applications which conventional agitators cannot “readily achieve” A Silverson high shear mixer can rapidly disperse and hydrate any grade of Xanthan Gum, in a fraction of the time taken by conventional agitators. The high shear mixing technology of a Silverson rotor/stator mixer produces a uniform, agglomerate-free mix, in hot or cold liquid, time after time.

Viscosity of Xanthan Gum at various concentrations –This video shows the viscosity and flow characteristics of correctly hydrated Xanthan gum solutions at a range of viscosity up to 6%. All samples were dispersed and hydrated using a Silverson High Shear mixer. A food grade Xanthan gum was used but it should be noted that results can vary widely according to the brand and grade of gum used. The mixing system will also have an effect on the final viscosity obtained as incorrect dispersion and hydration can cause agglomerates in the mix which will reduce the yield of thickening effect. The example here illustrates the viscosity and flow characteristics that can be expected with maximized yield when a solution is prepared using a Silverson mixer. Samples prepared: – 0.25%, 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% and 6% Xanthan

Viscosity Comparison Guide –This video is a simple guide to the different viscosity (thickness) of everyday products. This guide is useful for gauging the viscosity of the product you are mixing, all products shown in this video can be processed using a Silverson mixer. All the samples were tested in the Silverson Laboratory using a Brookfield LDV-E Viscometer.