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Rannie 57T and Gaulin 57T Series – High Pressure Homogenizers

Rannie 57T and Gaulin 57T Series - High Pressure Homogenizers

The more modular and flexible design of the APV 57T makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in dairy, food, beverage, industrial and pharmaceutical industries.

Combining the design features of our Rannie®, Gaulin® Liquid Ends, the new Power End with improved operator interface and controls simplifies routine maintenance with an emphasis on reliability in order to reduce total costs of ownership.


Optimal Operator Interface

  • All controls placed logically together
  • Gauges and other visual indicators are visible from the operating position
  • Direct view of key power end check points through a window
  • Modular electrical controls

High reliability

  •   Internal gear transmission
  • Enhanced oil treatment and cooling system with oil filter as standard
  • Low center of gravity for reduced vibration

Maintenance friendly design

  • Easy access for servicing, reduced maintenance time
  • Low machine height for ergonomic access
  • Visual service indicators
  • Improved cooling and oil treatment indicators
  • Access to electric control box from the outside
  • Built-in belt tensioner

Balanced low speed crankshaft for reduced noise

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