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Dynisco Software

Obtain the right data for your testing conditions.

LaVA Suite

Redesigned Software for LMI5000 Series Melt Flow Indexer.

The redesigned software is capable of producing customized series of data including information about testing conditions, melt index values, shear stress, shear rate, viscosity, and apparent melt density. Through the use of this software option, these values are recorded and may be reported through various out-puts and formats.


Dynisco LMI LaVA Software Article



Advanced Rheology Software for the LCR 7000 Series Capillary Rheometer.

LAB KARS (“Kayeness Advanced Rheology Software”) is the most powerful and easy to use rheological Windows™-based software package available. With this software users can merge multiple data files from shear stress, shear rate, or thermal stability tests. The resident KARS SQC module can be used to quickly identify viscosity variations in different lots of material.