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Dynisco Polymer Size Reduction

Polymer Size Reduction

​A granulator suitable for all kinds of plastic and recycled plastic materials.

Compact & Ideal for Laboratory Applications

Grind up small parts or runner systems from production or other recycled components to a size that can be run in our Melt Flow Indexer or Capillary Rheometer


Provides a quiet and compact means to reprocess small parts, runner systems, and single small pre-forms into granular form.

The MiniGran Benchtop Granulator is designed for the granulation of small sprues. With its very compact dimensions, the MiniGran is suitable for laboratory applications. It is suitable for all kind of plastic materials, due to the low rotor speed the plastic materials are processed to high-quality, low-dust regrind.

Dynisco MiniGran Lab Granulator Datasheet

MiniGran Classification Screens

The MiniGran classification Screens comes with a variety of screen sizes to work best with your specific application



MiniGran Rotating and Stationary Knives

Available in both stationary and rotating sets, the MiniGran rotating and stationary knives handle challenging preforms.  Ideal to run through the Dynisco LMI5000 Series and ensure you MFI to be able to return materials to your process.