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Dynisco Polymer Cleaning Tools

Polymer Cleaning Tools

Safe and effective cleaners for transducer tips and extrusion tools.

PolyClean Fluidized Temperature Baths

Both models of the Dynisco PolyClean Fluidized Temperature Baths provide a cost effective, fast and safe way to clean a variety of plastic processing components. They are designed to be used in any polymer production or laboratory facility that requires minimal operator interface and low-risk of damage to critical design specifications of a part in the cleaning process of components.

Dynisco PolyClean Overview Presentation

PolyClean 6L

The PolyClean 6” Fluidized Temperature Bath can be used to clean small tooling from Laboratory Extruders or Injection molding machines, Capillary Rheometer and Melt Flow Indexer dies or other small components used in polymer testing or small part production. Unlike other Fluidized baths, the PolyClean 6L has a smaller footprint, include advanced features and are safer than salt baths.

Dynisco PolyClean 6L Fluidized Temperature Bath Datasheet


PolyClean 12L

Can be used to clean extrusion tooling and all other types of hardware, shape set medical devices, calibration, testing various sensors and systems, heat treatment of metals as well as heating of reactors, coils, flasks and containers.

Dynisco PolyClean 12L Fluidized Temperature Bath Datasheet

PolyClean 26L

Similar functions and benefits to the PolyClean 12L, however it’s 26″ deep basket is capable of cleaning larger components than the PolyClean 12L.

Its 26” deep basket is designed to handle a large variety of components from laboratory as well as production environments.  The 26L can also be configured with its sensor support tray allowing (2) pressure sensors to be cleaned at a single time.

Dynisco PolyClean 26L Fluidized Temperature Bath Datasheet

PolyClean Insulate Lid 6L

Innovated bath lid with lifting handle designed to minimize media and heat loss



PolyClean Parts Basket


Ideal for cleaning items such as small breaker plates, tooling, dies, screens, small nozzles, metal filters and capillaries.  Ensure your process is optimized with clean parts to minimize your downtime

PolyClean Dual Melt Sensor Support Tray

Clean your sensor tips with out damaging them.  No more wire brushes, torches or ovens needed.  Simply place your sensor tip in the PolyClean Dual Melt Support Tray and in less than 8 minutes you will have a clean sensor tip without any damage.