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Dynisco Online Rheological Testing

Online Rheological Testing

Maximize Extrusion Efficiency

Correlate the data derived from pilot to laboratory environments with online production, 24 hours a day. This data allows for immediate response and adjustment to critical parameters ensuring any variations are promptly corrected to guarantee quality while maximizing their output.

Online Rheometers

Our online rheometers provide a “window into your process” with the ability to continuously measure critical parameters form melt flow ratio to intrinsic/relative/melt viscosity and from constant shear rate to shear sweep.

Experience the Benefits of Online Rheology Measurement

Verify your polymer rheology of not only virgin material, but a combination of virgin and recycled polymer, and eliminate quality issues before production.
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Specifically suited for all “return to process” looking to improve quality of their process and product by ensuring the rheological properties continuously in their production line.

The ViscoSensor provides continuous measurements of the melt flow rate or apparent viscosity directly on the manufacturing process. The ViscoSensor system consists of two parts: a Viscosensor Rheologic Sensing Unit (RSU), connected directly to the process, and a Rheologic Control Unit that controls the ViscoSensor test parameters, provides outputs of computed results, and provides communications to an external distributed control system when required.

Dynisco ViscoSensor Datasheet


Designed to provide continuous measurements of melt flow rate, apparent viscosity and intrinsic viscosity directly on an extruder.

Specifically designed for the thermoplastics resin industry. The ViscoIndicator duplicates the test conditions of a laboratory Melt Flow Rate (MFR) tester or capillary rheometer. Melt viscosity measurements such as melt flow rate and Intrinsic viscosity are primary specifications of thermoplastic resins.

Dynisco ViscoIndicator Datasheet


The Continuous Melt Rheometer (CMV IV) is specifically suited for material processors and compounders who are running a variety of materials that require multiple capillary changes.

The Dynisco CMR system consists of two parts: a rheometer head connected directly to the process which samples, conditions, and measures the melt flow of the resin, and an RCU (Rheologic Control unit) that controls the CMR test parameters (temperature, pressure, rate), and provides outputs of computed results, and communications to an external distributed control system when required.

Dynisco CMR IV Datasheet


The Flow Characterization Rheometer (FCR-R) measures the flow of molten resin through two separate dies.

Dynisco FCR-R Datasheet