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Dynisco Capillary Rheometers

Offering Sophisticated Materials Characterization

Measure how material’s viscosity changes as a function of temperature and pressure and ensure you have the right material for your application.

Measuring Die Swell Using a Capillary Rheometer Article

Capillary Rheometers

Meets the demand of a 24-hour-a-day shop floor operation while maintaining the highest possible level of accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity.

The LCR7000 Series Capillary Rheometers offer many new features. They are versatile and easy to use yet offer the most sophisticated materials characterization, data analysis, and reporting capabilities. The LCR series can be used with a standard load cell and a barrel mounted pressure transducer.  LAB KARS is the most powerful and easy to use rheological Windows™ based software package available.

Capillarry Rheometers Datasheet



Advanced Rheology Software for the LCR 7000 Series Capillary Rheometer.

LAB KARS (“Kayeness Advanced Rheology Software”) is the most powerful and easy to use rheological Windows™-based software package available. With this software users can merge multiple data files from shear stress, shear rate, or thermal stability tests. The resident KARS SQC module can be used to quickly identify viscosity variations in different lots of material.