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Dynisco Benchtop Extruders

Small Batch Custom Polymers

Create small batch custom polymers and obtain verification before mass production with Dynisco’s benchtop mixing extruder with a takeup system and small pellet chopper.

Dynisco Laboratory Mixing Estruder LME | TUS | LEC Datasheet

Dynisco Laboratory Mixing Extruder  – LME

​​The LME (Laboratory Mixing Extruder) is used for small batch development of polymers.  From very fine powders to coarse materials, the LME will meet many extruding needs. The LME possesses a movable header and dial gauge that allows for constant mixing adjustability. While in operation, the rotational shearing (mixing) is controlled by adjusting the distance between the end of the rotor and the inside header.


Dynisco Take Up System – TUS

The Dynisco TUS (Take Up System) is an important accessory to the LME.  The dual purpose machine draws material from the LME into fibers. The fiber is wound onto the spindle with a variable speed drive to produce the desired fiber diameter. The two lower rollers of the TUS pull the extrudate from the LME to form a strand that can be cut into pellets with the LEC Pelletizing Chopper.


Dynisco Pelletizing Chopper – LEC

The LEC (Pelletizing Chopper) pelletizes the extrudate from LME.  Pellet size is determined by the feed rate to the cutter from the Take Up System.