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Dynisco Polymer Evaluation

Polymer Is a “Blind” Product

Its tolerance can vary greatly between batch to batch and supplier to supplier. Today’s customers require accurate information allowing them to validate and adjust their process ensuring products they make meet or exceed their specifications.  Ensure you are receiving what you purchased before the material enters your process with the right polymer evaluation solution for your application.

Laboratory | Quality Control Testing

Precise Testing & Analysis is Mandatory to Ensure Quality

From pellet to part, we offer the most comprehensive material properties testing capability in the industry. Rely on Dynisco’s solutions to gain a window into your process and speed the development, production, quality testing and analysis of polymers.



Online Rheological Testing

Maximize Extrusion Efficiency

Correlate the data derived from pilot to laboratory environments with online production, 24 hours a day.
This data allows for immediate response and adjustment to critical parameters ensuring any variations are promptly corrected to guarantee quality while maximizing their output.

Online Rheological Testing


Polymer Evaluation Ancillary Products

From Granulators to Fluidized Baths

Providing the right breadth of products to compliment your work flow.

Polymer Size Reduction

​A granulator suitable for all kinds of plastic and recycled plastic materials.

Polymer Cleaning Tools

Safe and effective cleaners for transducer tips and extrusion tools.
Dynisco PolyClean Overview Presentation

Polymer Evaluation Legacy Products

The Legacy of Dynisco Products

These products are the Polymer Evaluation products that have been discontinued, however, we still want to make sure you have access to important product information like datasheets and manuals.  Please review the list of discontinued products to obtain a copy of its datasheet and/or manual