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~~Ultra Speed Model BDC6015

Ultra Speed Model BDC6015

  • 40-6000 rpm
  • 170 Ncm (240 in-oz)
  • 25 L (6.5 US Gallons)

Provides the high speeds ideal for emulsions, homogenization, and high sheer dispersion. Digital display of speed and torque, adjustable chuck up to 10 mm (⅜ in), quiet and maintenance free.

Caframo’s high torque stirrers are designed and engineered specifically to meet the continuous demands of heavy industrial use. The heart of the BDC line is the high-performance Brushless Direct Current (BDC) motor. A unique two speed transmission provides incredible amounts of power. Caframo stirrers are quiet, dependable, maintenance free and ideal for continuous use. Included in each purchase: Overhead stirrer motor, chuck, chuck guard, chuck key, support rod, power cord, manual in four languages (English, French, Spanish and German), calibration certificate and three year warranty. Expect to be impressed!


  • Brushless DC motor
  • Totally enclosed metal housing
  • Electronic control
  • Smart two-speed transmission
  • Through shaft
  • Chuck guard included


  • High efficiency (less heat)
  • Protection from dust and product splashing
  • Precise speed adjustment and speed maintenance as viscosity changes
  • Transmission selects high-torque or high-speed range
  • Easy impeller adjustment saves time
  • Safely encloses spinning chuck to protect user
  • Protects chuck from splashes


Overhead stirrer motor 120 volts, 60 Hz. Includes support rod, chuck, chuck key, chuck guard, grounded North American power cord, and printed manual.

Overhead stirrer motor 220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz. Includes support rod, chuck, chuck key, chuck guard, UK and EU cord sets, and printed manual.

Overhead stirrer motor 220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz. Includes support rod, chuck, chuck key, chuck guard, Australia cord set, and printed manual.

Remember to order a stand, clamp and impeller for a complete system to start mixing.


Speed: 40-6000 rpm
Volume Maximum: 25 L (6.5 US Gallons)
Viscosity Maximum: 20,000 mPas (20,000 cP)
Torque Maximum: 170 Ncm (15 in-lbs = 240 in-oz)
Output Power: 150 Watts (⅕ hp)
Speed Display: Yes
Speed – Low Range: 40-1200 rpm
Speed – High Range: 1200-6000 rpm
Speed Accuracy: ± 1 rpm or ± 1% of reading
Torque Display: Yes
Torque Maximum – Low Speed: 170 Ncm (15 in-lbs = 240 in-oz)
Torque Maximum – High Speed: 34 Ncm (3 in-lbs = 48 in-oz)
Torque Accuracy: ± 12 Ncm (± 1 in-lb) or ± 5% of reading
Zero Torque: Yes
Timer: No
Through Shaft: Yes
Chuck Maximum Shaft Diameter: 10 mm (⅜ in)
Chuck Guard: Yes
Rotation Direction: Clockwise only
Housing: Cast aluminum
Weight: 5 kg (11 lb)
Voltage: 120 volt/230 volt
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Ambient Temperature Operation: 5-40 °C (41-104 °F)
Relative Humidity Operation: 80 %
Approvals: CSA listed to Canada and US standards
Warranty: 3 years


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