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~~C-Clamp Set

C-Clamp Set Model A128SET

  • Single bolt adjusts angle on two axes
  • Attaches directly to drum, frame, or a stand
  • Cast 304 electropolished stainless steelMounts the Caframo Crossover mixer to any stable vertical plate including industrial stand, drum or vessel. Easy single bolt adjustment for multi-angle positioning. Standard tool installation.

Maximum flexibility and functionality. Angle the mixer into the vessel to improve mixing efficiencies. Position the mixer to accommodate additional equipment or simplify complex configurations. The C-clamp design allows the mixer to be mounted to any stable vertical support, stand, frame, or drum. A single bolt positions mixer at desired angle on two axes. Set includes C-clamp, clamp adaptor, and hardware. Use with industrial mixer 1540.


  • Sturdy two-piece design
  • 304 electropolished stainless steel
  • Pivoting adapter
  • Universal C-clamp
  • Standard sized hardware


  • Excellent stability
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant – easy to clean
  • Flexibility to mount in wide range of positions
  • Compatible with variety of vertical supports
  • No specialized tools required


Material: Cast 304 stainless steel, electropolished
Angle Positioning Bolt: Compatible with 19 mm (¾ in) wrench
C-Clamp Adjustment Screw: Compatible with a 22 mm (⅞ in) wrench
Weight: 2.6 kg (5.7 lb)

A128SET C-clamp set~~ Includes C-clamp, clamp adaptor, four mounting bolts, four split and lock washers, and hex key.
Use with: 1540 mixer
Compatible stand: A118

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