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Impellers and Shafts

Scott Process Engineers can help you determine which Caframo blade, shaft, paddle and impeller will best fit your mixing needs.

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Caframo Stirrer Catalog


4 Blade Pitched Only Model A561
Propeller & Shaft Model A190
Propeller & Shaft Model A166
Square Blade Model A250
Square Blade Model A150
Collapsible Blade Model A141
Pivoting Blade Model A140
Crossed Blade Model A130
Straight Blade Model A131
Straight Blade Model A231
Straight Blade Only Model A163
Dispersion Blade Only Model A164
Pitched Blade Only Model A165
3 Blade Turbine Only Model A551
3 Blade Turbine Only Model A553
Pitched Blade Only Model A511
Pitched Blade Only Model A521
Pitched Blade Only Model A531
Pitched Blade Only Model A533
Pitched Blade Only Model A541
PTFE Collapsible Model A180
PTFE Anchor Paddle Model A183
PTFE 4 Blade Pitched Model A185
Anchor Paddle Model U022
Anchor Paddle Model U044
Anchor & Sweep Model U044SW
Anchor Paddle Model U055
Anchor Paddle Model U510
Shaft 300 mm (12″) Model A712
Shaft 300 mm (12″) Model A713
Shaft 400 mm (16″) Model A162
Shaft 460 mm (18″) Model A722
Shaft 460 mm (18″) Model A723
Shaft 500 mm (20″) Model A733
Shaft 600 mm (24″) Model A742
Shaft 600 mm (24″) Model A743
Shaft 760 mm (30″) Model A753

High Speed Collet Set Model A600Set